Welcome Dr. Fang Yu, Jinan University, China to be the TPC!

  • May 27, 2021

Dr. Fang Yu, Jinan University, China

主要研究领域包括“量子信息处理和量子通信、量子算法”。最近曾发表文章于理论计算机科学(TCS)、量子信息和量子计算(QIC)等;“基于知识的系统、人工智能在教育方面的应用”,曾发表文章于IEEE系统、人与控制学报(IEEE TSMC-A)等。
One of the current research interests of mine on quantum information processing is quantum protocols concerning communication complexity and privacy issues. The study tries to explore how secure schemes of some fundamental communication model, mainly private information retrieval, can be when a level of communication complexity much lower than in classical world is achieved using quantum resources. Recent results are published in journals including TCS, QIC, etc, and conference AQIS.
Other interests revolve around the central topic of “Knowledge-based System” in classical computing, including building first-order logical systems for applications in e-learning, planning, and software engineering environments, and dealing with digitized knowledge in these systems. Published results include one on IEEE TSMC-A and others on ICA3PP, BIC-TA, CSSE conferences.